Brisbane Adult Entertainment Australia Stories – Pretty Average

He didn’t have any striking features on him. His eyes were too green and blue at the same time, lacked the sparkle, and glint. His face, although symmetrical, was nothing spectacular. His mouth seemed too big for his face, his lips too luscious for him. Not one of his facial features is striking. But when his features are combined together, they looked oddly okay on him. Some even would think he’s handsome, good-naturedly, of course. I’ll give him this, he has an interesting face, and the more I stared at him that time we had, the more his face grew on me.

Brisbane Adult Entertainment AustraliaHe was a junior executive in a pharmaceutical company. Or so he told me. It was his last night on the city, and he decided to have a good time, which meant, for him, getting me from my agency, and ordering food from the restaurant under the hotel from his hotel room. I’m listed on the Brisbane adult entertainment Australia website with a head-shot. That does not give me the most clients, but the clients that book me; at least I knew they went for me because of my face.

He was nice. One of the nicest clients I’ve serviced. He was a solemn guy, and the extent of his fun is talking about our sexperiences. Which is, I thought at first, incredibly, private. But we were virtually strangers to each other, so that worked. You know that thing that you can talk about your sexperiences to a complete stranger freely when you can’t even hint about it with your closest friends? It’s that thing.

His sexperiences were pretty tame. The most wild he got was having two girls in one night, one after the other. Both were random hook-ups. He got red mentioning about it, which gave me the laughs. He was adorable, like a puppy reprimanded on his mistake. Now come to think of it, all guys I’ve ever been with looked adorable bragging about their sex life.

The sex itself was average. Coming from a pretty average guy, I expected that. There were no foreplays – just straight to sex right away. He got the lube, I fingered myself, he mounted me, and started fucking. It was surprisingly mechanical, and I expected him to be the touchy-feely guy – those types who thinks I need saving.

I do not. I love sex. I love escorting. This is my life. I may or may not get out of it, but for now I’m okay. I’m one of the best Brisbane adult entertainment Australia girls, and I’m proud of it.


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